Zion is proud to partner with Lutheran Special Education Ministries.  LSEM understands that every child is different. All students learn at a different pace and some students require a different approach to learning. There certainly isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to specialized education.  Each one of God’s children that LSEM serves demands individualized strategies and tactics for a successful education. LSEM breaks down the benefit for all invested parties like this; The children; Children benefit from expert learning assistance with the latest tools while being surrounded in a Christ-centered environment.  Kayla Panzner is our LEMS teacher. Please contact her at kpanzner@zionauburn.com for more information.

Families benefit when a child with learning needs can attend the same school as his siblings and friends, enriching their lives and improving their family’s life in Christ. 

Teachers benefit when their time can be spent in focused instruction for all the students in the classroom as they have an on-site resource for a special learner. Pastors, Principals, and Administrators

Pastors, principals, and administrators benefit from knowing that their school has a tested and trusted program that serves children with learning needs.