Welcome to Zion’s Kindergarten classroom!  In Kindergarten we work hard to learn how to read, read and spell sight words, count, skip count, learn calendar skills, explore, collaborate, get along, observe, and learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ!  Our days are full and busy as we practice skills daily to help us become expert learners in all the areas listed above. 

In a whole group setting we sing, move, practice, and participate in discussions to help us learn new skills.  We also use small groups to focus on skills and to practice working with a partner in centers.  As an alumna of Zion I feel extremely privileged and blessed to share my faith and love for the Lord with our exceptional students and families on a daily basis! 


We work hard all day long in Kindergarten which means we do not have daily homework. If a student does not finish work in class, it will be sent home to complete, however, this is rare. I do ask that students practice reading and spelling their weekly sight words at home every day and you read to your child daily!
3rd Quarter - 5 points
4th Quarter - 5 points