A Soccer

Players include co-ed Grades 6-8.  Soccer players learn key positions, rules, footwork, and proper techniques to move the ball. 
Season: August-September

B Soccer

Players include co-ed Grades 4-5.  At this level players continue to learn and build from the basics learned in Pee Wee.  They expand on positions and techniques. 
Season: August-September

Pee Wee Soccer

Players include co-ed Grades 2-3.  This is an introduction to soccer, footwork, and the rules.
Season: August-September.


A Basketball

Players include Grades 6-8 with a girls team and a boys team.  This level of play concentrates on the unity of the team and making the plays.   At this level the game becomes more physical.  Players will work on building skills for fast breaks, press plays, press breaks, rebounding under the basket, and defense. 
Season: January-February                       

B Basketball

Players include Grades 3-6 with a girls team and a boys team.  The level of play focuses on basic offense, defense and ball handling.  Other areas they will focus on is dribbling, passing, pivoting to pass and free throw shooting.
Season: January – February

Pee Wee Basketball

Players include co-ed Grades K-2.  This level is a true introduction to the game of basketball.  We offer the opportunity to learn teamwork, ball handling skills, and basic rules of the game.
Season: 3 weekends in February. 


A Volleyball

Players include co-ed Grades 6-8.  Players are learning positions and proper passing, setting, and hitting techniques.  Serving overhand is an essential skill also being developed. 
Season: October – November

B Volleyball

Players include co-ed  Grades 4-5. This is an introduction to the game, techniques, and rules of play.  Underhand serving is developed with the introduction to overhand serving. 
Season: April – May


Players include girls in grades 3rd-8th. This is an introduction to cheers and a 2-minute dance routine.  They start practice in October with a showcase in November and the regular cheer season takes place for home basketball games in January and February. 


Players include co-ed  Grades 4-8.  Runners will develop and build on endurance, speed, agility, and proper techniques.
Season: April-May

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