Mrs. Hemme

Welcome to my math and science class!  My goal on a daily basis is to make my students enjoy what they are learning. I encourage lots of questions, classroom discussion, and hands-on activities.  I love when my class is excited about what they are learning. 

A successful math and science class requires my students to listen attentively, work together in groups, share their mathematical and scientific thinking, and respect the ideas of others.  My classroom provides a rich and exciting environment that will prepare students for the next level and help them make connections between their classwork and the world around them.

Mrs. Hemme Math and Science
Math homework is assigned daily, but students are provided ample class time to finish. Any work that is not completed will need to be taken home and returned the next day.

Mrs. List Social Studies and Religion
1st Quarter - 15 points
2nd Quarter - 15 points
3rd Quarter - 15 points
4th Quarter - 15 points

My name is Patty Hemme and I am the 5th-8th grade math and science teacher.  I graduated from the University of Michigan with my BA in Elementary Education in 2002. In 2011 I received my MS in Science Education, also from U of M.

Hello, my name is Mrs. Julie List and I am blessed to be on staff at Zion.  My degrees are from Delta College and Western Michigan University.

Mrs. Susan Klauer has many years of experience teaching Language Arts.  This class includes a focus on reading and writing, as well as the vocabulary, spelling, and grammar skills to support them.