Our classroom is a setting where children hear the good news of Jesus their Savior.  They will learn of their need for forgiveness and the most wonderful news that God the Father has provided His one and only Son who lived perfectly in their place, died for each one of them, and rose again, so that they are given the gift of eternal life in heaven.

Plenty of class time is given during the day to finish classwork. Unfinished work though, is expected to be completed at home and returned the next day. Students have a nightly reading assignment (booklet, word cards, etc.) every night. Memory recitations are due three times a week.
1st Quarter - 12 points
2nd Quarter - 12 points
3rd Quarter - 12 points
4th Quarter - 13 points

(for McDonald's Breakfast 1st graders need 40 points)
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National Geographic
Go Noodle
Jack Hartmann YouTube Videos

My name is Bonnie Jammer. Since my graduation from Concordia Teachers College in 1979 I have taught 1-2nd grade at Trinity Lutheran, Manistee and 3rd grade at Immanuel, Bay City, and in 1990 was blessed to “come home” to teach at Zion…